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We Have Everything an ICS Could Offer

What We Do 

Caring Palms Health Care is a health care facility in Brownsville, Texas that offers comprehensive health care services for people with intellectual disabilities and related conditions. We have experienced and knowledgeable health care specialists to provide you with services such as podiatry services, counseling, and transition assistance. 

What Our Facility Offers

  • Nursing Services
  • On-Site Family Physician Visits
  • On-Site Podiatry Services
  • On-Site Psychiatric Visits
  • Community Access to Hair Salons, Barbers, Movie Theaters, and Restaurants
  • 24-Hour Supervision by Direct Care Staff
  • Transportation to and From Community Based Vocational Settings
    • On-Site Dietary Reviews
    • On-Site Dietary Team
    • Three Recreational Areas
    • Television Rooms
    • Movie Room
    • Basket Ball/ Recreational Area
    • In-House Chapel
  • On-Site Religious Services
  • On-Site Counseling
  • Behavior Management Intervention
  • Transition Assistance to Other Group Homes, or Other Service Programs
  • Speech Training
  • Vision and Hearing Needs
  • School Involvement in Brownsville ISD

Other Programs


Our onsite Dayhab‚Äôs goal is to promote social interaction in the community, physical activity, active treatment, and independence to each individual to the best of their ability. Productive interaction with individuals throughout the day is fundamental in the process for active treatment in our facility. 

Job Placement

We try to find job placement to those individuals who can keep a job onsite or in our community. Clients enjoy the interaction in the community, and their part-time jobs help promote being a productive independent individual. 

Recreational Activities

We provide an onsite workout room which is available to residents 24/7 with supervision. Our outdoor basketball court is available for residents to use as they please, promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.


Request for Placement 

Request for placement is arranged by the administrative staff after the Interdisciplinary Team of professionals and direct care assesses and determines the appropriateness and need placement. All applicants for admission must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have a primary diagnosis of Intellectual Disability or related conditions such as Autism.
  • Applicants must be determined by the Admissions Committee to be in need of and able to benefit from active treatment.
  • Applicants must have identified needs that coincide with the facility's capacity for treatment and training, either directly or through a contractual agreement.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate eligibility for Medicaid reimbursement and/or financial capability to handle private pay status. The Interdisciplinary Team will provide an intense 30-day evaluation period, at the end of which the continued placement of the client will be determined.

Meet Our Team