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Meet the People of Caring Palms Health Care

Our Administration Team

Caring Palms Health Care in Brownsville, Texas is manned by skilled and competent individuals who have vast knowledge and experience in the health care field. You can count on us for a wide variety of health care services.

Geri Ostlund, Executive Director

Geri has more than 30 years experience in health care management, accounting, and supervision of multiple facilities. Geri's background helps Caring Palms Health Care remain a stable organization. She has been the Executive Director of our facility for 4 years.

Maggie Miranda, Business

Office Manager

Maggie has more than 30 years experience in working directly with Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. She maintains financial accounts for all individuals living in the facility and ensures continued compliance with state and federal reporting regulations on a monthly basis.

Esmeralda Ovalle, Qualified Intellectual Disability Coordinator

Esmeralda’s skills in clinic management help keep the Q.I.D. P’s staff schedules, with paperwork, filling, physician appointments, meetings, and outings. She assists in several different capacities and will often go on outings and other events with residents from the home to ensure successful community integration.

Sarah Ostlund, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional/Floor Supervisor/Direct Care 

Sarah has a degree in Psychology and several years’ experience working directly with hospitals and physicians in Texas. She hires staff and provides them with direct training and oversight to ensure the best possible care and programming at Caring Palms Health Care.

Esti Lopez, Qualified Intellectual Dyability Professional

Esti holds a psychology degree and has more than 10 years of mental health experience. Esti’s background lends itself to assessing behaviors and client ability to understanding medical issues and medications. Esti also helps in outings 

with clients.

Edgar Gracia, Qualified Intellectual Dyability Professional

Edgar has a degree in education and has been working for Caring Palms Health Care for more than 5 years. Edgar’s background in education ensures that the client’s programming and functional assessments meet the objective of helping the clients become as independent as possible. Edgar also assists with the school-age clients and their needs at B.I.S.D.

Juan Perales, Administrative Assistant

Juan Perales is the newest member of our team. He coordinates all the front lobby activities, from answering the phone, accepting deliveries, accepting completed applications for employment, and completing daily reports.

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