Caring Palms ICF/IID

Geri Ostlund - Executive Director

Geri has a background in management, accounting and supervision of multiple facilities. Geri's account background helps Caring Palms remain a stable organization. She is going into her third year as ED for Caring Palms.

Clinton Thomas, Th.D. - Quality Assurance/QIDP

Clinton has over twenty-nine years experience in ICF/IID programs. He is also a Behavioral Specialist trained in Arkansas and the author of the ARC (Assess, Restrain, Contain) for dealing with physical aggression. He oversees the quality assurance for Caring Palms and serves as a back-up QIDP and provides training to the QIDPs on-going and as needed.

Jose Arizmendi, Jr., Ph.D. - QIDP

Jose is a clinical psychologist in the Brownsville area. He owns Cascadas Counseling and splits his time between obligations at the counseling center and Caring Palms. At Caring Palms he develops behavior programs, oversees the QIDP work and assist in the helping to meet the daily needs of the people served.

Esmeralda Ovalle - QIDP Assistant

Esmeralda assist the QIDP with paperwork, filing, physician appointments, meetings, and outings. She assist in several different capacities and will often go on outings and other events with residents from the home to ensure a successful community integration.

Sarah Ostlund- Floor Supervisor/Direct Care

Sarah has several years experience working directly with hospitals and physicians in Texas. She is a trainer in the ARC program and provides staff with direct training and oversight to ensure the best possible staff works at Caring Palms. Sarah also coordinates and recruits new people to live at Caring Palms. She is the primary contact for anyone seeking placement. She is currently completing her degree in Psychology at this time.

Jose Salazar - Supervisor Direct Care

Jose has worked direct care in the ICF setting and assisted in the marketing program and transporting new individuals to Caring Palms for other areas in Texas. He also supervises Charge Aides and Direct Care staff on a daily basis.

James Soloman - Kitchen Supervisor

James served as a military cook for the United States. He supervises the kitchen staff and oversee the purchase and operations of the kitchen area for all 72 potential individuals living at Caring Palms.

Maggie Miranda - Business Office Manager

Maggie has over thirty years experience working directly with Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. She maintains financial accounts for all individuals living in the facility and ensures continued compliance with state and federal reporting regulations on a monthly basis.

Charge Aides

In addition to the above team, Caring Palms also ensures that Charge Aides supervise each shift. Charge Aides are on location at Caring Palms twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the needs of all individuals are met.