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Below you will find a list of definitions.

Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. These facilities are governed by Federal and State "tags" and monitored by various surveying organizations.

A person holding at least a Bachelor's Degree in the Human Service Field. The QIDP stands for Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional and must have a minimum of one years experience directly working with people who have developmental disabilities.

RN is a Registered Nurse and is the nurse required in Texas to take call for most ICF/IID programs. An RN is required to complete delegations, supervise and oversee medication issues and concerns, and provide training to direct care staff, LVNs and others on the correct implementation of care for individuals living in the ICF setting.

LVN is a Licensed Vocational Nurse. An LVN is required to initial dose new medications or take physician orders.

Annual Staffing
An Annual Staffing meeting is required at least once a year for individuals served in an ICF/ID setting. The meeting generally reviews past IPPs, sets up an IPP for the next year, reviews medical conditions, Living Options, and other requirements as outlined by the state and federal regulations.

Individual Program Plans are the results of Annual Staffings and other Interim Staffing meetings. An IPP outlines how in the coming year, generally, a facility proposes to assist an individual served in gaining the most independence that he or she can. An IPP is a federal requirements and is done in all states with ICF/ID settings.